Why can't Buddha take away all our suffering and grant all of us Buddhahood?

Venerable Ru De discusses this topic:

My understanding after going through the video:

  • Buddha is not the creator
  • there is no concept of an omnipotent creator in Buddhism
  • it boils down to cause and effect (Karma)
  • you, yourself, determine your state (of happiness, misery etc).
  • Thus Buddha will not be able to just grant us Buddhahood.
  • However, Buddha teaches the way to Buddhahood. It will be up to us to work at it and become like Buddha.

There was a latter part in the video where Venerable talks about how the concept of a beginning of things (e.g. like the first matter, first human being, first sentient being) is not logical according to Buddhism. Instead, Buddhism talks about 无始. This part was quite thought provoking for me.

Check out this sharing from Jamyang Rinchen, principal Chinese translator of HHDL.
Listen from 1:14:20 onwards where he talk about beginningless of time. I could relate to his explanation quite well.

In the same video at 45:26, he also discussed about why Buddhism do not believe in Creator.

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