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General Buddhism | 佛法研讨

Have you felt compelled to share good content that you've come across? They can be spiritually-meaningful stories in our everyday life or positive videos that provide us with the inspiration to carry on. Or learnt new insights about Buddhism or harbour burning questions related to the Dharma and looking for like-minded friends to share and discuss?

Lamrim Discussions | 广论研讨

On top of your weekly classes, we hope to use this forum to extend your discussions on Lamrim. With our very experienced monitors and senior students looking through these topics regularly, we are hoping to tap on the collective wisdom of everyone to accelerate our learning on the path to enlightenment!

Venerables' Answers | 法师解答

To provide readers with a better understanding and knowledge of Buddhist-related principles, the questions and answers featured in this column are derived from the quotes, discourses and written works of various masters and sages of different lineages and sects. We have extracted their original texts or partial excerpts here in order to share different viewpoints and perspectives with our readers.

Announcements | 宣导

We will use this channel to broadcast official announcements pertaining to BW Monastery's activities.