Buddhist concept of Emptiness

In Buddhism, ““emptiness”” means that all phenomena, either material or psychological, are not eternal and unchanging. Therefore we should remain undisturbed by them in our minds and don’t fall victim to all kinds of negative, contaminated mental reactions.

Check out what Master Ri-Chang has to say too here:

Venerable Ru Jun talks about 空性 (emptiness or Śūnyatā).

My takeaway - Important to know that using 空性 (emptiness or Śūnyatā), one can totally eradicate one’s 烦恼 (afflictions)

Chanced upon this discourse by His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

27:32 What is Shunya (emptiness)

This analogy mentioned in the discourse made me contemplate a bit deeper!

now in this place,
no elephant is here,
so “non-existence of the elephant is here”.
We can understand, we can know, we can feel
non-existence of elephant.
Now, in order to know non-existence of elephant,
at least mentally, you should have some idea of what is elephant.
Knowing that, then non-existence of elephant, then you can develop.
For someone who have no idea at all about elephant,
then, in his or her mind, the non-existence of elephant is still something unclear.
So, similarly,
“empty” means
“absence of independent existence”.
The real meaning is not nothingness.