Would you lend out your membership card?

While at a store, you were approached by a stranger to use your membership card as there’s huge discount. Would you lend your membership card to the stranger?

Yes, I will…
I thought it’s an act of kindness to be able to help someone enjoy the savings!
Actually I am usually the one asking to tap on other’s membership to enjoy discounts & I am always very grateful for that person who let me enjoy the savings! =)

Yes. If we can help relieve that person financially by lending him the card, I would equate this to making an offering. Of course, this should also not cause the store to make a loss.

So we create a win-win-win situation by lending the card. The buyer buys what he need at a good price, the store sells their products and you have done a good deed!

From the surface of it, by sharing one’s membership card benefits with others seem to be a kind act.

However if you contemplate further, the benefits are given to you as an individual. By extending that benefit to someone else, you are ‘cheating’ the company, and that may have an impact on your own karma?

I guess if the membership card does not have a non-transferable clause…and the intent is kind, I would not mind lending out the card.

This brings to mind an incident that I was in many…many years back.

My friends and I were under-aged but we wanted to get into Hard Rock Cafe for a night of dancing and drinking. We happened to meet some seniors of us who were very kind to lend us their Identity cards.
Long story short, my friends were detained by the bouncers and the police called in. The seniors were also implicated.

For me, I backed out at the last minute and did not commit identity fraud…:cold_sweat:

Yes, I will lend my membership card. I remembered an incident last year when i was in IMM making a purchase and a kind gentleman offered his membership card to me so that I could benefit some savings. This is actually a very heartwarming gesture and I remind myself that should an oppotuniyu arises, I will do likewise…

Unless there’s a clause when you signed the membership card that says otherwise, I would lend out my membership card. Receiving and giving simple kindness help make the world a nicer place.

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