Why is keeping in mind the prophecies by Buddha important to us?

“ The Lotus Sutra has great meaning. Buddha told his disciples that all of [them] would eventually achieve Buddhahood and become Buddha. He started with the Hinayana arhats, [who] often thought that they had reached the limit with the attainment of arhatship. Buddha told them, “Not so! It is only an avenue of convenience, eventually, you need to attain Buddhahood.” So Buddha gave predictions to everyone, finally saying that any given being will become Buddha, as long as they have recited the Buddha’s name once or enter into a temple with their palms together and have taken a bow [to Buddha statue]. Even children who build a sand stupa - a stupa is equivalent to a temple – well, the gist is [to plant the seed] to achieve Buddhahood!” - Master Jih-Chang
Global Lamrim 2, Lecture 0022