Why does reciting of 《The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra》helps us eradicate calamities and troubles?

We encounter fear, calamities and adversities due to the root of our attachment to the relationships between ourselves and others, and our perception of entities as only that of realistic nature and failure to understand that they are in fact, all of the emptiness nature.

If we are enlightened and have attained true understanding of the state of selfless emptiness, and also severed all attachments, then all demonic obstacles will have no place of creating havoc (within us).

《The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra》preaches the most supreme Prajna Parimita’s state of emptiness. With the force generated from this state of emptiness, and with Buddha’s great power, plus our faith towards 《The Heart of Prajna Parimita Sutra》, all our inner and outer adversities will then be purified and removed.

《The Heart of Prajna Parimita Sutra Guarding Rituals》states that in the past, when Śakro devānām indraḥ (The Lord of Thirty-three Heavens) was being attacked by the Demon King Mara, he recited 《The Heart of Prajna Parimita Sutra》and visualized on the state of emptiness, and with that he was able to tide through his calamity.

Reference : Khenpo Sodargye


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Master Sheng Yen provides a view on how the Heart Sutra can help in our daily life:

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another video from Master Sheng Yen:

A summary:
The Heart Sutra and the Diamond Sutra illustrate the Buddhist concept of emptiness and non-existence which is the key to taming our inner demons.

hmm…I am inclined to go find out more about the Diamond Sutra now.

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me 2! thanks for uncovering this!

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I have been reciting the Heart Sutra daily as part of my Buddhist Studies “homework”.

If you have wondered why the Heart Sutra is so popular, this video may help explain:

Why are the Heart Sutra and the Diamond Sutra so popular with Buddhists?(GDD-1109)DVD

The Heart Sutra and the Diamond Sutra illustrate the Buddhist concept of emptiness and non-existence, which is the key to taming our inner demons.

I picked up one point mentioned in the video:

The Heart Sutra, in particular, can be treated as an outline of Buddhism or the Dharma. It includes the fundamental Dharma and Mahayana teachings

I was only made aware of this point about the Heart Sutra recently. It is a good reminder to hear it from a great Master.

Another useful discourse from Master Sheng Yen:

How the teachings in the Heart Sutra help us live our daily life(GDD-1134)DVD

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