Why do we still miss out the concepts even after listening to a discourse many times?

“We even listened to the teaching for as many as 12 times, but still, people missed out on certain concepts! Is this leaky vessel? Or is it lack of concentration? Having repeated for so many times, the attention should be sufficient, however, people always tend to overlook something.”
Global Lamrim 2, Lecture 0016
BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 — Lecture No. 0016

Why do we still miss out concepts even after listening to a discourse many times ?

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Master Jih-Chang emphasized in this discourse to us to remember that we are learning from the Buddha. If we follow our own concepts and ideas of what is important, rather than those of the Buddha, we are actually learning from “me”, not from the Buddha.

Master tells us is that in this case, we will derive at what we think is important and what is worth remembering, not that of the Buddha’s, so even after we listen to a discourse many times, we will still miss out the concepts due to this.

Memorisation, that is remembering every word we listen to, is one way to help us overcome this problem, and be able to remember everything that the Teacher is teaching us. It is not just picking out certain concepts that we ourselves think is important and just focusing on those.

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Thank you Venerable @Bensi for this pointer:

I fall into this trap constantly. Picking and choosing the concepts that are more convenient for me to practice.

Because our memory is not good, and always distracted by many things like handphone, entertainment etc, so also not trained to focus on one thing and remember it well.

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