Why are offerings made to the Triple Gems?

Unless we recognize that life has its insufficiencies, and understand the value of the offerings that we now make, otherwise we will not be able to improve on our motivations and be more diligent in our efforts. Any offerings made will merely just be in the form of an action, which does not matter to any of our sorrow or joy.

When making offerings, we have to put in more efforts. Contemplate on the areas of insufficiencies in our lives, and earnestly set one’s heart on making improvements.

Through this method of offering prayers, and knowing that this will surely bring forth accumulation of merits in life, we will then be able to improve on our lives.

The Sutras and《Lamrim》states - Base on the strength of cultivating the field of merits, or to rely on the refuge of the Triple Gems, these will be able to help us tide over our difficulties. If we do not have such kind of thoughts, we will only be living our lives day by day, and will not feel that it is inappropriate in any way.

Such kind of contemplation are also a form of offering. It is different from living aimlessly and allowing ourselves to be merely led around by karmic forces. With such thoughts, the items that are offered will then be those that the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas rejoice in, and will also be those that are most valuable to our lives.

Everyone should visualize, to offer our cohering merits of precepts, meditations, wisdom, and the best of all things to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. We should hope that we will be liberated from the cycles of rebirths, and with the blessings of the Triple Gems, be able to achieve breakthrough in our lives.

Extracted from: Venerable Master Ru De’s Discourse (Sangha of Taiwan Feng Shan Monastery)


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