What is "The Third Eye"?

Over lunch, one of my friends share his experience on this topic. He had been unable to sleep well for the past 2 weeks so decided to look up to the internet for a remedy. He chance upon this video something about opening the 3rd eye and the remedy for good sleep. When he plays it, it was actually 10 mins of music. When asked what kind of music, he couldn’t tell the kind of instruments and described it as some kind of sound frequency. Frankly, i couldn’t exactly understand this part. He couldn’t feel the effect the 1st time round so listen to it for the 2nd time. This time, he did doze off. Then said he felt hot & was perspiring although the room air cond was rather cold. He felt he was being enveloped up and also felt a movement rubbing across his eyes. He felt uneasy then woke up. Then my lady friend shared her encounter with a lady who claimed she had opened her 3rd eye. My friend described this lady has eyes with glazing piercing look & an aura that makes u uncomfortable. The lady friend then look up the internet to read up on the opening of the 3rd eye and summarise it is a thin line between hallucination and meditation.
Knowing that i do buddhist studies, both then asked me what is opening of the 3rd eye. I have no idea. Is the opening of the 3rd eye associated with buddhism?

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could it be a form of higher knowledge (神通)?
Particularly, “Divine eye” (dibba-cakkhu, 天眼通), that is, knowing others’ karmic destinations.

Frankly, I have not come across any mention of the 3rd eye in my studying of Buddhism. Maybe I have not done much reading on meditation. Still building my foundation :smile: