What is the immediate step to start remedying our incorrect thoughts, emotions and perception?

“Unfortunately, to be honest, the reason we are here [in cyclic existence] is due to a fundamental problem - Not knowing who this “me” is. This is called ignorance, or a lack of wisdom. Our emotions, mental momentum, and perceptions all have a contaminated view. We read a book today [and think], “This is what Buddha taught. Ah! Got it, I’ve got it!” But do we actually understand it? No! Not at all! Later, we learn more [but only understand] the surface [literal] meaning of the printed text, which may not be the intended meaning from the Buddha. This is crucial to know!” - Master Jih-Chang

To what degree is this ignorance? “Our emotions, mental momentum” are our thoughts, “and our perception”, that is, the way we view a given issue, “all have a contaminated view”. Thus, it is called ignorance.
BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 — Lecture No. 0017

Even though we are immersed in incorrect thoughts, emotions and perception, what is the immediate step we can take to start remedying it?

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It seems that what we have understood all along turns out to be wrong,so if that is the case, how should we live if all of our understanding are wrong? We will simply live in the mist of ignorance. Upon hearing this will you panic? Wouldn’t it be earth-shattering? Everything is so wrong! Totally wrong! But what is wrong?

Teacher gives us hope by saying that actually there’s an immediate step that we can take to avoid being wrong; that is to start by observing our mental momentum vis-a-vis our perception at that moment towards a specific matter. There is something that we can recognise within ourselves and that is to observe the thoughts that arise in our minds which is actually something that we can do. We can observe our view on a certain matter, our emotions, so this is that immediate step that we can take.

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