What is the difference between 性宗 and 相宗?

I read Master Ri-Chang’s mention that:

BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 — 第100卷A面

I also understand that it is a matter of lineage:

文殊菩萨 > Mañjuśrī
龙树菩萨 > Nāgārjuna

弥勒菩萨 > Maitreya
无着菩萨 > Asanga

What other major characteristics are there?

I was googling and found these pages describing 相宗

From reading the above, it seems that 相宗 is equivalent to 法相宗 and 唯識宗.
This would mean that the English term would be Yogachara or Dharmalaksana.

Is my understanding correct? Can any learned friend help?

I am unable to find a direct equivalent English term for 性宗.

From the Wikipedia page, it seems that 性宗 can be classified under 中觀學派 ( Madhyamaka) or 如來藏學派 (Tathāgatagarbha).

If that is the case, I would interpret it as a separate categorisation of 3 major schools under the Mahayana branch:
大乘佛教三大派别: 唯识 (Yogachara), 中观(Madhyamaka), 如来藏 (Tathāgatagarbha)

does that make sense?