What is the characteristic of Dharma and what should we do after understanding it?

“Our perception and our attachment are the result of our ignorance [all about self] - me, me, me! This is the root cause of all misconceptions and sufferings. Only through the guidance of someone who has the proper perception to help us to see our faults [can we] generate the mentality to reject them.” – Master Jih-Chang

We all should recognize that in our lives, the most profound favor the virtuous teachers bestow on us is imparting the teaching. So what power can Dharma have to transform our lives? Dharma, by definition, is to change and to relieve. What does it change? What to relieve? - Global Lamrim 2, Lecture 0015

What is the definition and characteristic of Dharma?

What should we do after learning about the good qualities of our excellent teachers and the characteristics of Dharma?

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The dharma helps us to transform suffering to happiness. It is able to save us from not only suffering, it can even change the direction of our train of thought, as in our inclination towards suffering. The dharma will also save us from all the fearful emotions of sadness, anxiety, despair, uncertainty and loneliness.We have so many fearful things in life because of ignorance, so by learning the dharma and increasing our wisdom, it will be able to relieve us from all these fears.

What should we do after knowing all these? Firstly, we should all recognise that in our lives, the most profound kindness that the virtuous teachers have bestowed on us is to teach us the teachings. We must remember that. Secondly, the reason for virtuous, excellent teachers imparting the teachings to us is to save us from all these fears. This is also the reason that people gather to listen and discuss the teachings. If we do so, then it is a very meaningful task.

Therefore, everyone must persist in learning and place this as of high priority. Learning the dharma should be something that is of high priority to us because only when we view it to be very important, then we will allocate time out of our very busy schedule to learn and to reflect.

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