What are the 6 types of higher knowledge (神通)?

We probably have come across the phrase 三明六通.

So what are these six higher knowledge (神通)?

Specifically, the six types of higher knowledges (chalabhiññā) are:

  • “Higher powers” (iddhi-vidhā, 神足通), such as walking on water and through walls;
  • “Divine ear” (dibba-sota, 天耳通), that is, clairaudience;
  • “Mind-penetrating knowledge” (ceto-pariya-ñāṇa, 他心通), that is, telepathy;
  • “Remember one’s former abodes” (pubbe-nivāsanussati, 宿命通), that is, recalling one’s own past lives;
  • “Divine eye” (dibba-cakkhu, 天眼通), that is, knowing others’ karmic destinations; and,
  • “Extinction of mental intoxicants” (āsavakkhaya, 漏盡通), upon which arahantship follows.

Chinese terms taken from here:

So what about the 三明?
It seems to be a subset of the 6 types of knowledges and are known as the three knowledges or wisdoms (tevijja or tivijja):

  • “Remember one’s former abodes” (pubbe-nivāsanussati);
  • “Divine eye” (dibba-cakkhu); and,
  • “Extinction of mental intoxicants” (āsavakkhaya).

reference: 三明六通 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书