What are karmic obstacles?

What are karmic obstacles? How to overcome?

Understanding is karmic obstacles are ignorance, habits. For ignorance, the remedy would be making light offerings to clear the ignorance ie afflictive views, afflictive thoughts.
For habits, efforts are needed to change through constant study, reflection & put into practice what have been learnt. 如理作意
I have encounters with people who tells me that their karmic obstacles are strong but the recommendations will not work as long as efforts are not made to remedy it. Finally, i reached to a point is to lend a listening ear & supplicate that the persons can overcome the obstacles & see the light one day.

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It is timely that @SharonLim brought up this topic. I was contemplating (or should I say struggling) with the obstacles one will face in life - whether it is in work, family or in practising Buddhism. I tried comforting myself with the idea that these were karmic obstacles borne from my past misdeeds and trying to motivate myself to do more repentance, offerings and practice. But it is hard…very hard.

I came across Master Sheng Yen’s discourse and it helped give me a boost. I hope it can help others too.

How to face predicaments and overcome obstacles in our lives(GDD-132, Master Sheng Yen)

Thanks Adrian for sharing the video. it is another good perspective to overcome the karmic obstacles.

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