To seek treatment, or live a good end of life?

What’s your take? How will you make your decision in a similar situation?

  1. inform family members and friends

2 ) one day eat one meal ( as simple as possible ) . If in a very serious state, drink water is enough to keep going!

3 ) continously chanting Amituofo, follow the 18th vow of Amitabha closely.

The above will cure you if your life span still exist or Amithaba will inform you when to go to Pureland if your sincerity reach an ultimate point. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Is time to show others what Pureland is all about.

Once there is a playful monk who break rules and regulations. He feels bad but can’t control himself. Somehow affinity came and he get to know Pureland teaching. Immediately he make up his mind , lock himself in a room for 3 days continously chanting Amituofo without food and water . His sincerity brought Amithaba in front of him . AMITHABA tell him , he still has more years to live in this world. But he ask for immediate nirvana. Amithaba granted his wish and tell him to get ready in 3 days time .
He immediately informed all monks he know , and ask them to chant Amituofo to sent him off . Every body had doubts about his story , untill that day he went into nirvana then they believe him .
A lot of videos in YouTube showing different stories . All is real .


I think the 91 year old lady made a good choice. At her age, she could have realized that chemo (or anything else) isn’t going to prolong her life much longer, and cancer is the reminder that the end of her life is almost up so might as well make the most of whatever time that is left to do what is most important to her. I would do the same too, just that what is most important to me at that point of my life could be different.