Some of the events described in the scriptures and teachings seem like mystical stories. Should we believe them to be true?

Venerable Ru De addresses this query.
(from the 4:31 min mark)

Sharing my understanding on Venerable’s discourse:

  • Illustrating with a scenario of a person from the 19th century being told of some of the advances we have made like how we can go to the moon or that we can communicate with someone else miles away (using our phones), the 19th century person would not believe such “mystical” stories.

  • Seemingly, we should not dismiss such events as not true just because we are just using the limited knowledge based on this period.

  • We should be aware that we can’t disprove the events and that it can be possible. At the very least, we can take a neutral stance.

  • We should also try to understand the teachings behind these events and stories

  • We can also view it from different dimensions of time and space and not assume that the events we read about are in the dimensions we are familiar with.