My daughter got hospitalised for dengue, I thought of what Master Ri-Chang said

It was a harrowing experience when my 6 year old daughter got hospitalised for dengue.
There was a risk of the illness becoming more serious and worsening into dengue hemorrhagic fever.

I supplicated for her getting better and that was when I remembered the Lamrim teaching on the fragility of our lives.

From Lamrim Commentary Track 40a (BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 — 第40卷A面)

The contemplation that the time of death is uncertain because the body is very fragile.

【◎ 思惟其身极微弱,故死无定期者。】

Your body is very fragile, like a water bubble. Therefore, it does not take much damage to destroy it. Your life could be taken even by something that you only imagine to be harmful, like being pricked by a thorn. Hence, you can very easily be overcome by any of the causes of death.


This portion by Master Ri-Chang took on extra weight for me:

那个蚊虫,蚊虫来一叮,乃至于很多这种小虫,它可以把那个细菌传染,让你一来,你就生了病 (p248) 送掉命了。我们这个身体这么个差法耶!所以这我们务必要了解,这个真正地造成功我们死亡的因缘又多、又容易。
(my translation: a bite from a mosquito can transmit so many diseases, you can fall sick and even die. Our body is so fragile. That, we must understand. The causes of our death and so numerous, and so easy. )

What is the learning from this?
The Lamrim has the answer too.

After you have reflected in this way, you should resolve that since there is no certainty as to when the Lord of Death will destroy your body and life,


you will practice the teaching right now, without assuming that you still have time. Make this pledge many times from the depths of your heart.