Mother's Day: A chance to gain great merit by expressing our gratitude to our parents

Sharing a discourse by Venerable Ru Jun on how Buddhism and filial piety is intertwined.



My own thoughts after the discourse:

  • Buddha and Buddhism is the expression of the ultimate form of filial piety as the motivation is to give all the parents in every life the ultimate bliss and to take away all their suffering.
  • As a student of Buddhism, we should follow suit and grow our filial piety for our parents in this life and other lives.
  • The reason for gratitude to our parents is simple. Without them, there will not be us.
  • Being filial to parents will gain much merit for us as parents, like the Triple Gem, are great merit fields
  • We should repay our parents by continuing in our Buddhist practice.

How about joining in BW Monastery’s Mother’s Day Special event and gain merits for yourself and your family?

Circuit breaker measures designed to curb this pandemic mean we won’t be able to take our moms out to celebrate Mother’s Day. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still give them an unforgettable time!

BW Monastery has designed TWO events to help you celebrate this Mother’s Day in style.

:one: Join us in our 5-day Mass Chanting helmed by hundreds of staff members and volunteers of BW Monastery! Gain collective merits with us as we pray for the happiness, health and wellness of all mothers around the world.

:two: On this special day, our resident Sangha will host an 88 Buddha Repentance puja and Grand Offering to seek blessings for all mothers around the world. Be sure to join us in this monthly special to repent on your past sins and make some of the best offerings to the Triple Gems!






疫情非常时期,我们无法外出与母亲共渡难忘的母 亲节,作为子女的我们可以怎么做呢?