Master Ri-Chang's journey to seek the Lineage of the Lamrim Teachings

Venerable Ru Jun describes the difficulty that Master Ri-Chang faced when Master travelled to Dharamshala to seek the Lineage of the Lamrim Teachings (from 11:03 mark to 15:10 mark) .

This was the first time I heard the account. Master was sick with a high fever and yet he persevered to travel the long distance from Taiwan to a land that he is unfamiliar with (both in terms of culture and language).

To note that this was a time when the transport system in India was much worse than we know it today - hardly anyone would be making this pilgrimage. In fact, Master was more worried about safeguarding the offerings that he had brought for the Teachers compared to his health. He chose not to drink any water (in spite of his fever) so that he will not need to go to the toilet and be able to secure the offerings from thefts.

One phrase struck me. How Master’s body was like on fire from not drinking any water during the long journey.

I reflected on the discomfort I feel when I fall sick with fever in the comfort of my own home.
Master’s suffering then must have been quite intolerable.
However, he conquered all this to bring back the Lamrim Teachings.

Much gratitude :pray:

I reflected like @adrian too when I fell sick recently, and my thoughts were that Master’s tolerance level was that admirable because he firmly believed that his objective of safeguarding the offerings and to seek the Lamrim teaching can truly transform the lives of others for the better, and thus grit his teeth to persevere on to attain his purpose. This made me think about what we can truly be capable of if our purpose in life exceeds thinking of ourselves only.

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