Liberating captive animals - After liberating them, they may not be able to survive so is there any sense in releasing them in the first place?

Each and every life has its own instinct to seek for survival and to avoid death. For a person who is injured, even if he is out in the deserted wilderness, he will still be able to find means to survive, hence the same goes for animals.

After liberating the animals, though there will be a minority number of animals who will unfortunately not be able to live, but the majority will still be able to return to their own habitat and regain freedom.

Should these animals have eventually died, they will still be dying within the embrace of Mother nature, rather than be slaughtered, pan-fried, grilled and deep- fried by mankind, they will definitely feel a thousand times more blissful!

Reference: Venerable Master Hai Tao 《Liberating Lives Handbook of Questions and Answers》