Is it true that a person that died from committing suicide will not be able to reincarnate?

Short answer is “no, everybody will reincarnate within 49 days”.

However, there are negative implications if one commits suicide. For the details, watch Venerable 如得’s discourse:

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something else to share on this sombre topic: Master Ri-Chang’s Lamrim Commentary Track 52A

【此复若是杀者自杀,有加行罪,无究竟罪。】"This is in consideration of cases of suicide, and when there is a sin of commission that lacks culmination.”
【《瑜伽师地论》于此意趣,说他有情,】"Moreover, the 《Levels of Yogic Deeds》 adds the qualification “other,” as in “another living being.”

My reading is the Karma from committing suicide is of a lesser degree than killing another person.

In case anyone is concerned why I seem to be harping on “suicide”, my fascination is more on how these Buddhist Teachers and their Sutras are able to provide such a wide breath and depth of coverage touching on so many practical areas of concern in our life - relevant even now.

Sharing Master Sheng Yen’s discourse in which he talks about the preciousness of life and his argument against taking one’s own life:

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