Inspirational music (with Buddhist themes)


Sharing some tunes that I find soothing.


Lift your spirits and expand your compassion with this rendition of Om Mani Padme Hum.


the theme song from the Andy Lau movie: 新少林寺 (Shaolin) titled 悟 has a strong Buddhist undertone - I am guessing that it is partly influenced by Andy Lau being a Buddhist too.

Enjoy the lyrics and tune:


Think of the great guru Jé Tsongkhapa with 密集玛 (or Migtsema: A Prayer to Jé Tsongkhapa).

More info on the meaning of the lyrics can be found here:


My 班长 introduced this song to our class.

I found the lyrics meaningful and the tune melodious. Enjoy!


I didn’t know that Jackie Cheung is a Buddhist.


般若波羅蜜多心經 - 張學友

the Heart Sutra in Cantonese

菩提心赞颂, An Ode to Boddhicitta

Enjoy the music and take to heart the lyrics.


A dedication to Mañjuśrī