If everybody were to become monks, wouldn't the human race be extinct from this world?

How many people in this world will be ordained as monks? Not everyone will want to be a monk or is suitable to be one.

Though Buddhism hopes to save all sentient beings, to relieve all from sufferings and to attain happiness, and to end rebirths and deaths, but the truth is that not everyone will be able to become monks.

That is why Buddhism feels that it is pertinent to have good devotees first, and believe that good devotees will naturally bring about good monks.

If parents are not fulfilling their parental duties, children will definitely not practice filial piety; if teachers do not teach well and friends are not in good fellowships, then such a person, if he becomes a Buddhist, will already face issues concerning his character, what more to talk about becoming a monk? Only when one has fulfilled his basic responsibilities as a human, will he be qualified further to be considered if he is indeed suitable to become a monk.

Extracted from: Venerable Master Sheng Yen’s《Entering Buddhism》