If earth is destroyed, will there still be rebirth?

According to modern archaeological views, the history of man dates back from the time of Yuanmou Man (Homo erectus yuanmouensis) which existed about 1.7mil years ago, up till the 21st century of today. Prior to 1.7mil years ago, did ancient man exist? The answer to that is still a mystery to archaeologists. To explore the history and future of the whereabouts of man, the Abhidharma Mahāvibhāṣā Śāstra, Abhidharmakośa-śāstra and related Buddhist scriptures do provide some answers.

According to the Abhidharma Mahāvibhāṣā Śāstra, whether it is the formation or destruction of the world, both involve very long periods of time to take place. When the destruction of earth and the other limitless worlds occur, all sentient beings which had created negative karma would be reincarnated in the hell, animal or hungry ghost realms of another world. Buddhist practitioners who had accumulated positive karma would be reincarnated in the human realm, and gradually rise to the higher realms, and be in the heavenly realms eventually.

Simply put, when the destruction or dissolution of earth comes about, all lives on earth would migrate to another level of existence.

Khenpo Sodargye
(Extract from World Youth Buddhist Symposium Q & A Collection)


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