How to do dedication of merits (回向)?

Venerable Ru Jun (如俊法師) discusses in one of his discourses on doing repentance - the importance of doing dedication in a correct manner so that we do not waste the merits that we have just obtained.

In it, he mentioned 3 areas we should dedicate the merits for:

  • 圣教光弘, 正法久住
  • 众生都能生生世世得到善知识欢喜摄受
  • 众生都能够成就无上菩提,成就佛果

I hope I have captured the points accurately.

Venerable Ru Jun latest discourse that touched on this topic.
Venerable instructed on the three dedications we should make:


  1. 迴向利樂生源聖教廣弘之因
  2. 迴向悉地生源上師攝受之因
  3. 迴向無上正等菩提

I also picked up the point that when doing dedication of merits, we can dedicate the past, present and future merits of all sentient beings (and this will include the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas).

What a great tip!

Venerable Ru Jun added another tip to one of the three dedication:

一切生中能得上師勝士歡喜攝受 .

the emphasis on 歡喜 :smiley:

A continuation on this topic of Dedication :


  1. 回向圣教广弘 - May the precious teaching be preserved and spread to benefit all sentient beings.
  2. 回向得到善知识欢喜摄受 - May i received teachings bestowed joyously by Excellent Teachers.
  3. 回向无上菩提 - May I and all others purify our defilements and attain the state of Buddhahood quickly.
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