How should a Buddhist handle complaints?

I think this is especially pertinent in Singapore - some people have described Singaporeans as complaint kings, frequently showing dissatisfaction and thinking that there things should be done better.

How then should a Buddhist behave regarding complaints?
Master Sheng Yen has his advice:

Some pointers I picked out:

  • As a Buiddhist, it is best not to complain
  • If there is a problem, rather than complaining, one can report it, have it discussed, ask how to handle it or make a suggestion. There are lots of channels for expressing what you want to say
  • Complaining doesn’t help the situation but only makes you suffer more
  • On facing complaints or criticism, one should be very happy as someone is pointing your faults and allowing you to grow from it. It will make you a healthier and happier person
  • Someone finding fault with me shows that the person has not given up on me, we should thank them.
  • This helps us in our journey to become Bodhisattvas when we cultivate patience.