How long is one kalpa or 一劫?

In 35 Buddhas Repentance, by reciting the name of the various Buddhas, you are able to repent for your sins in 1 kalpa or 一劫?
How long is that in human years?

From Wiki, it seems that there are different kinds of kalpa:

In another simple explanation, there are four different lengths of kalpas. A regular kalpa is approximately 16 million years long (16,798,000 years[4]), and a small kalpa is 1000 regular kalpas, or about 16 billion years. Further, a medium kalpa is roughly 320 billion years, the equivalent of 20 small kalpas. A great kalpa is 4 medium kalpas, or around 1.28 trillion years.

I wonder which kalpa is referred to in the 35 Buddhas Repentance?
Anyone can help?

My 班长 showed this video in our Lamrim Class to illustrate the length of time involved in a Kalpa (劫) - unbelievably long!

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My 班长 also shared this video by a Venerable and his discourse on the Kalpa as understood by Buddhists. Note the video is in a Chinese dialect (Hokkien I believe).

I subsequently did more online research on this topic.
And found a discourse by Master Sheng Yen (thankfully with English subtitles)

From the above two videos, I found a Chinese Wiki entry that seems to be more accurate than that of the English Wiki entry that I posted earlier.

佛教也有劫的概念分為三等:小劫、中劫、大劫,且劫数自有其算法:{自壽自十歲,百年增一至八萬四千歲為止,然後再百年減一至十歲為止,如是一增一減,為一小劫((84000-10)x 100 x 2 = 1679万8000年),二十小劫為一中劫(1679万8000年 X 20 = 3亿3596万年),經成、住、壞、空,四中劫為一大劫(3亿3596万年 X 4 = 13亿4384万年),即一世界成毀的時間。

Separately, I also look into the definition of 三阿僧祇劫 (or 三大阿僧祇劫).

the period of time necessary for a Bodhisattva to arrive at enlightenment (bodhi), according to the Mahāyāna. The precise duration of one ‘uncountable’ (asaṃkhyeya) kalpa or aeon varies but values sometimes given are 10 to the power of 51, 59 or 63 years. Other sources describe these in terms of spans of time of inconceivable duration.