How can a Buddhist better face illness?

With the Coronavirus situation upon us, this discourse by Master Sheng Yen calmed me down and helped me see the lesson that can be drawn from this experience.

falling sick is a real torment to people, especially prolonged illnesses, which are a real drain on one’s willpower.
What consolation can Buddhism provide when we are afflicted with illness?
Let us consult the Venerable Master Sheng-Yen.

Illness is normal and will help us develop a greater understanding of the process of life. We should view illness with detached observation and equanimity, as an experience to pay off our karmic debt.

worsening, I find myself getting more stressed and fearful.

I searched for some advice from the Masters and

I try using my learnings from the Buddhist teachings to telling myself that my worries are irrational and that I should go about my daily life and depend on the (with more attention to hygiene)

Another of Master Sheng Yen’s discourse that resonated with me.

How does Buddhadharma help people with terminal illnesses?(GDD-414, Master Sheng Yen)

Master Sheng Yen called out my state of mind before I encountered Buddhism

actually, if a person doesn’t believe in religion, doesn’t believe in Buddhism, then even without cancer, they suffer just the same.
Even if their physical body does not suffer, mentally they have no sense of security.
This is also great suffering.
Even if they are obviously doing well, they still worry that something will happen. even though they obviously haven’t died yet, they still worry about where they’ll go after death.
They cling to life and fear death. They fear life but don’t want to die. They can neither live nor die. They feel nothing is right.
This is because they don’t believe in Buddhism or any other religion.

This teaching has given me a boost in the face of the coronavirus situation.

The content in this discourse helped me balance the “Science” part of my thinking against my belief in the Buddhist Teachings. Especially, the phrase: leave your illness to the doctors and your fate to the Buddha.

When seriously ill, leave your illness to the doctors and your fate to the Buddha. Single-minded faith will bring you peace and infinite hope, and free you from fear and worry, giving you a better chance to improve.

The bodhisattvas and doctors won’t take on sentient beings’ karma (GDD-696, Master Sheng-Yen)