[hi.Life] What are the frustrations plaguing your life everyday? Share it here!

BW Monastery will be launching a brand new practical buddhism sharing session every Sunday from 1030am to 12 noon, specifically targeted at the 30-40 year old working adults.

Join us as we talk about the troubles we face in life every day!
Unload your frustrations freely, without fear of being judged.
We don’t promise to solve your problems, but come open-minded and you will hear fresh perspectives offered by other participants!
Experienced Buddhist practitioners will also share practical tips you can bring home
to help navigate various difficulties you’re facing in life!

Find out more here: https://bwmonastery.org.sg/hilife

We will like to hear from you the daily frustrations that you may be facing at work or home… share it here in this thread!


Feeling stuck and powerless to make a change

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My son is always getting trouble in school for not completing his homework. He has become immune to my scoldings or punishments. I really feel helpless at times.

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I always face problems at work. My boss don’t like to make decisions, leaving the team frustrated as we can’t get on our tasks. When I ask him questions, he always ignore my question or messages… I really wish to help him, but not sure how… :pensive:

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How do you manage situations where you feel an elder or older adult is being disrespectful, but s/he doesn’t seem to want to listen to anyone else’s opinion?


I am easily affected by the mood of my family members.
When they get sad, moody or angry, I feel frustrated that I cannot help them much beyond saying the usual “comforting” phrases.

I have problems concentrating and it is affecting my self-confidence. How to focus?

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How can I respond quickly & correctly under stress?

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