Here's a video on Karma... for Parents!

Remember… to guide the kids properly, parents must first have the right views!

What the venerable brought up about educating girls about relationship with the opposite sex definitely makes sense and it’s easy to explain to our children too. He also brought up that we can, or guide our children, to make offerings to the Triple Gems to supplicate for their safety. While this supplication may sound superstitious but I believe he meant that because making offering to the Triple Gems with a sincere and respectful attitude and donating the offerings can generate virtuous karma that can help ward off any negative karma that is about to ripen, so it’s important to build up on our virtuous karma as the weightiest karma will ripen first.

This is very useful for Buddhist parents, thanks for uploading this video!

from the video, my own takeaway is that from the perspective of Karma, the concept that children are like a blank piece of paper for parents to teach and give direction will not be true.

These children will have their past lives and habits. They could be musicians in the past lives or politicians or they could be very quiet and naughty… And thus their inclinations in this life will be very different.

Factoring this, parents may need to temper their expectation that they can mould their children into what they desire. Rather it may be better to observe what the child is more suited to be and see how we can direct them to become better persons from this new starting point.

Planting wholesome seeds to the young is very important. Every sentient being ARAYA (memory volt ) consists of wholesome and unwholesome seeds . A wholesome seeds will create an affinity to other wholesome seeds in the ARAYA to surface first , this will create a shield to unwholesome seeds to surface.
Unwholesome seeds will surface if the conditions is right, but by then the young is skilful to turn it.