Have you asked yourself what is the purpose of you living?

Venerable Ru Jun had asked this question many times.
Let’s hear his discourse
(the video starts from the beginning but Venerable talks about this question at the 1:15 min mark)

I gather from the video 4 points that can help me understand how I can better use my life.
It is to strive:

  • to keep the Dharma in the world
  • to desire and have the 善知识 (Spiritual Guides) stay in the world
  • to follow the 善知识 and their guidance
  • to battle 无明 and eradicate suffering

Conversely, if one were to waste one’s time doing meaningless things, this act of squandering away our precious life (暇满人身) is what we Buddhists should not do.

Listen to Venerable Ru Jun here
(from 3:15 min mark)