Happy Living Blessed Journey Collective Project: Part II (19/3-12/5)

Aim: Create happy living, and tranquil body and mind, walk towards Buddhahood.


1, Pray for a peaceful world, prosperous nation, and harmonious society

  1. Foster mutual support within the organisation

  2. Improve our personal practice in Dharma and enhance family relationship

Second Round (1/4-12/5):

Recitation of the Mantra of Sakyamuni Buddha

  1. Mantra of Sakyamuni Buddha

oṃ mune mune mahāmunaye svāhā

  1. Benefits of Reciting the Mantra

The Compassionate Lotus Sutra (Karuṇāpuṇḍarīkasūtra) states that

“Sakyamuni Buddha had chosen the defiled world in the evil age of the five turbidities, to receive and enlighten all beings who have little roots of virtue and whose hearts are withered and burning.” Lord Buddha, with Great Compassion, made Great Vows and had persevered joyously in the Great Bodhisattva Deeds, enduring all difficulties in His vast practice of Generosity. Thus, He is considered first amongst all Buddhas of the three times! There is not a single inch of land in this Saha world that has not witnessed Sakyamuni Buddha’s practices of austerities.

The Bhagavan had made 500 great vows to enable sentient beings in this samsara to have the conditions and opportunity to learn the Buddha Dharma. As long as you supplicate to Him sincerely, you will definitely be able to receive blessings from Sakyamuni Buddha.

The Mantra of Sakyamuni Buddha is also the Mantra of all the 1000 Buddhas in the Auspicious Aeon. Hence, the merits gained from reciting this Mantra is unimaginable, as one will be receiving blessings from all 1000 Buddhas. By supplicating sincerely and wholeheartedly, obstacles such as sickness and unfavorable conditions will be eliminated. At the same time, you’ll be able to gain prosperity and progress in your journey of Dharma learning to reach ultimate Buddhahood.

3. Methods:

  1. Class:
  1. Individual:
  • Recite the Mantra of Sakyamuni Buddha (Recordings will be provided)
  • Record the number of times you have recited the mantra
  1. Update the number of times recited:
  1. Joint Practice @ BW Monastery Hall of Jewel (Level 4):
  • 6/4 (Sat) 4PM-5.30PM (English)
  • 13/4 (Sat) 4PM-5.30PM (English)
  • 20/4 (Sat) 4PM-5.30PM (English)
  • 27/4 (Sat) 4PM-5.30PM (English)
  • 4/5 (Sat) 4PM-5.30PM (English)
  • 11/5 (Sat) 4PM-5.30PM (English)

Shrine Hall, Level 1

  • 12/5 (Sun): Buddha’s Birthday on Lunar Calendar! (Chinese)
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