Happy Living Blessed Journey Collective Project: Part I (19/3-12/5)

Aim: Create happy living, and tranquil body and mind, walk towards Buddhahood.


  1. Pray for a peaceful world, prosperous nation, and harmonious society

  2. Foster mutual support within the organisation

  3. Improve our personal practice in Dharma and enhance family relationship

First Round (19/3-31/3):

Recitation of the Mantra of the Seven Buddhas’ True Words for the Eradication of Obstacles (sapta-atitabuddha-karasaniya-dharani)

  1. Background:

During the upcoming Qingming Cum Emperor Liang Jewelled Repentance Grand Puja at BW Monastery from 24-31 Mar to benefit both the living and the dead, this Mantra will be recited together with each scroll of the Repentance Prayers. To gain the most benefit from the Grand Puja, we aim to familiarize ourselves with the mantra in class during this Collective Project.

  1. Mantra of the Seven Buddhas; True Words for Eradication of Obstacles



The Mantra of the Seven Buddha’s True Words for Eradication of Obstacles
(Han Yu Ping Ying)
Li po li po di
Qiu he qiu he di
Tuo luo ni di
Ni he luo di
Pi li ni di
Mo he jie di
Zhen ling qian di
Sa po he

  1. Benefits of Reciting the Mantra

The Seven Buddhas are:

a) The 3 Buddhas from the Glorious aeon(Vyuhakalpa) of the past: Vipasyin, Sikhin, and Visvabhu Buddhas

b) The 4 Buddhas from the present Auspicious aeon (Bhadrakalpa): Krakucchanda, Kanakamuni, Kasyapa and Sakyamuni Buddhas


This mantra came from the Sutra 《大方等陀罗尼经》 [Sanskrit Pratyutpanna-buddha-sammukhāvasthita-samādhi-sūtra ]

Upon request by Manjusri Bodhisattva, the Buddha taught this mantra that had been recited by all the above seven Buddhas. If someone were to commit the four gravest crimes resulting in expulsion from the Sangha, or the five deeds of immediate retribution, he will suffer tremendously in this lifetime, as well as in all his future lifetimes. However, if he were to recite this Mantra, he will be able to easily eliminate these karmic offences.

This Mantra is most effective in achieving the eradication of karmic obstacles, thus ensuring a peaceful, auspicious and smooth life, as well as in future lives.

  1. Methods:
  1. Class:
  • Every week, Class Monitors will lead the students to recite the mantra together for 10 minutes during lesson time. (Recordings will be provided, 5minutes = 20times)
  1. Individual:
  • Recite the Mantra of the Seven Buddhas; True Words for the Eradication of Obstacles (Recordings will be provided)
  • Record the number of times you have recited the mantra
  • Class monitors will update the number of times through google link: https://goo.gl/forms/hJxyslHqLlzwBV8I3

You can dedicate the merits on the day itself:
May these profound merits and virtues,
Be dedicated to all sentient beings.
May we eliminate all karmic obstacles
And may all attain enlightenment.
May sentient beings be free from suffering
And may all attain enlightenment.

Main dedication will be on 12/5

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Thank you @Jereme for this!

The Sanskrit words of the Mantra (so that I can Google some of the meaning) and the description of the benefits gives me a better understanding of why one should do this.

Separately, just wondering if the " the four gravest crimes resulting in expulsion from the Sangha" refers to The 4 Parajikas (Defeats) for a Monk ?

@adrian, Venerable @Bensi mentioned that the Chinese term is: 波罗夷

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