Ethical Discipline - The 4 powers to eliminate non-virtuous karma

The 4 powers 四力 I must harbour to eliminate non-virtuous karma:

  1. The power of ERADICATION (破坏力) = Practise the chanting prostration ritual of confessing to the 35 Buddhas or the sutra of the Golden Light. The key is in the attitude of harbouring great contrition and acknowledge all non-virtuous deeds since beginningless time.

  2. The power of REMEDY (对治力) = To cultivate virtues as a remedy by studying the sutras, seek to contemplate on emptiness, reciting mantras (beneficial effect is certain signs of dream), making images of Buddha, worshipping to the 3 Jewels, and reciting the names of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

  3. The power of TURN AWAY FAULTS (遮止力) = Confessing with wholeheartedness and restraint to never to repeat all non-virtuous deeds. The key is the atttitude of wholehearted restraint.

  4. The power of FOUNDATION (依止力) = Going for refuge in the 3 Jewels and cultivating the spirit of enlightenment. The key is unwavering faith.

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Venerable Ru Jun answers a question (in Chinese) on the sequence of the Four Opponent Powers (四力對治/四力懺悔):

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