Does learning Buddhism means we are not able to enjoy material possessions?

Living in the era that we are in now, everybody already has what they ought to have! Clothes, anybody can be owning close to more than a hundred pieces; Shoes, anyone can have more than ten over pairs; wanting to buy a car may not be a problem too.

But in this era of excessive materialism, if our spiritual life remains un-upgraded, life will then be of much emptiness.

Wealthy people, and the famous entrepreneurs all but have only one heart. If their wives are to quarrel with them daily, even if they are to hold high social status, they will still be feeling unhappy. Hence spiritual happiness, among all other happiness, will be the most worthy to pursue. To lose spiritual happiness, even when one has a lot of material possessions, it will still not be able to give us true happiness.

Extracted from: Venerable Ru Zheng’s Discourse (Chairman of Bliss and Wisdom Buddhist Fund)