Doc advised me to go back on a meat diet

After suffering a bout of illness, doctor encouraged me to go on a meat diet for speedy recovery. However, after learning about Karma, I’m not sure if I should follow this advice.

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I was advised by the doctor to take red meat as I have dizzy spells and low blood pressure 10 years’ ago. However, I did not follow the instructions. I follow our Master’s teaching.

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In today’s society, most of us are brought up and conditioned to believe in the words of doctors, scientists and people we grow to trust. We tend to agree much faster to the views shared by these group of people because we are taught that way… by our education system, by our parents, by society. Their advice typically appeals to our sense of logic.

However, could it be that these advice only represent a slice of the truth? What if we human beings are not as smart as we think we are? And that there could be more dimensions to the solutions to our problems?

Let me try to visualise it for you with this example:

In the above illustration, if the 2 dimensional circle represents ALL OF human knowledge combined, could it then be possible that a 3 dimensional sphere much bigger (engulfing the 2d circle) represents ALL the knowledge in this entire universe?

Buddha has been touted as the enlightened one. Could his wisdom alone be that 3 dimensional sphere, representing the perfect answer to all questions in this universe?

My point is, if his teachings is able to withstand the test of time (2600 years!), perhaps we should believe in his words more than we should ever believe in docs and scientists. After all, the rise of modern medicine only started in the 19th Century. :sweat_smile:

In short, keep an open mind. You will always follow the advice of the most trusted party, and hopefully, the person you trust is also the wisest of all!