Do you see the other party's difficulties?


In the picture, the lady is thinking why can’t the guy pull her up since she is in pain being bitten by the snake. The guy on the other hand is thinking why can’t the lady put in some effort to save herself by climbing up herself with the heavy rock pressing on him.

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thank you @Jereme!
This is a very good illustration of my faults - whether at work, at home or even when interacting with people in public.

I am constantly thinking why the other party can’t do things in a manner that can help me better. I have not formed the habit of looking from the other person’s perspective.

I will need more hard work in this aspect.

Nice illustrations!
We seem to spend our lives arguing based on our own perspectives!

I always use the following image in mind to remind myself that I may not have seen the bigger picture.

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I believe we are all guilty of this in our every day practice.
We tend to rely on our own experience, judgement, bias to view the world.
Recently, there have been many road rage incidents involving lorries and cyclists.
If we start insisting a little less of our “rights”, we can really reduce all these unnecessary fights in life.

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I hear from Venerable Ru De’s discourse that we are the cause of our afflictions is commonly due to looking at issues from a twisted or narrow perspective.
If we start looking at it from multiple perspectives, we will more likely be able to subdue our troubles.