Can being a Buddhist help with depression?


Hear Master Sheng Yen discuss depression:

Some points I picked up:

  • in today’s world, people have to play many roles. This is unlike in the past with agricultural communities where human relationships were much simpler and the roles played were clear and defined.
  • Now, things are also constantly changing. In the past. things changed over a long time.
  • One has to adapt to keep up with these changes (in our many roles) and there is increased anxiety of failing behind and not being able to adapt.
  • One loses his independence, loses sleep
  • Contributing to the increase of mental illnesses, depression.
  • And here is where Buddhism can help us understand all this and provide refuge
  • Master Sheng Yen quoted one principle: To adapt while not changing by applying the principles.
  • Also, to reduce our desires, pursue fewer things we don’t need so as to protect our mental balance
  • One should learn but shouldn’t worry; one should compete but we should not feel afraid
  • Feeling afraid doesn’t do one any good



如得法师 gives a talk on depression from a Buddhist perspective.

This is the first part of a 2-parter. Watch out for the next part.


Second half of 如得法师’s talk on depression


His Holiness the Dalai Lama provides advice which I felt quite succinctly summarises how I can work on negative emotions (depression included).

1min 36sec video


Venerable Ru Jun answers a question on handling depression - 如何走出憂鬱?


good article for one to refer to:

It helps to remind us to find out what are the priorities in our life.