Buddhism has the concept of Infinite Lives (无限生命). Are we able to accept this?

After watching the video, I summarise for myself the 3 reasons as:

  • observing our thoughts will come from the previous ones, and extending backwards, we can theorise that our first thought when we were born would have followed from the last thought in our previous life
  • observing our habits in this life that were seemingly there when we were born (e.g. kids tend to be greedy) and questioning why that is so (e.g. why some kids have a certain character when they had no opportunity to develop it), we can theorise that the habits would have been formed in their previous life
  • there are scientific studies documenting people who remember their previous lives. Such studies can support the concept of Infinite Lives. Stories of Reincarnation

Please pardon my attempt at summarising. Anyone else able to add on to this discussion?