Buddha Nature

If we possess the Buddha Nature , then is it simpler for us to attain our origin as a BUDDHA?
How would we look into this subject with answers if “yes” and “no”

Since we do possess Buddha Nature, then Yes, it is an attainable goal to reach Buddhahood. However, to be able to do that, we need to know the map and the methods to find our origin as a Buddha. For this, we need the Buddha, His Teachings and the Teachers to show us how to do it.

Please correct me if I got this wrong as I am a very beginning lay person!

I think there was a parable of a hidden jewel -

The parable begins when a poor man visits the house of a close friend. After feasting and drinking heartily, the man passes out in a drunken stupor. The friend then has to leave suddenly, but before doing so, he sews a priceless jewel into the poor man’s robe. When the man later awakes, he is completely unaware of the jewel hidden in his clothing. He wanders from place to place, always struggling to get by, finding satisfaction with whatever little he can get.

Later, the close friend encounters the poor man again. Shocked at his ragged appearance, he tells him of the jewel sewn into his robe. When the poor man sees the priceless jewel in his robe, he is overjoyed.

The analogy would I think mean that we all posses Buddha nature, but the problem is one of recognition - if we have cultivated enough wisdom to understand this is what we do have.

Like a diamond - If we do not recognize its value it is as good as a rock!

So it’s neither simpler nor harder for us to attain our origin, but rather all learning,practices and teachers are great help to uncover this treasure.


Nice parable to explain it!

While we do possess the Buddha Nature, we have been pursuing the wrong path for many lives, resulting in us learning the wrong skills and knowledge. As such, to put ourselves on the right path again, we will need the awareness that we are doing it wrong. Typically, one will need a teacher or dharma to point this out. At the same time, it becomes harder to unlearn these wrong habits after limitless lives of going down the wrong path.

From the point of BUDDHA:-

Since buddhahood is free from an initial coming into existence, an abiding in the meantime, and a final cessation, it is uncreated.

Since all thoughts and conceptual elaborations are pacified, it is spontaneously present.

Since buddha is fully self awakened and self expanded without a teacher by means of self aware primordial wisdom, BUDDHAHOOD IS NOT A REALIZATION DUE TO EXTRANEOUS CONDITIONS.
These are the qualities constituting to one’s own benefit.

Further elaborate:-

  1. Since it is not engendered by causes and conditions, it has the quality of being uncreated and unchanging.

  2. Since it free from deliberate effort, it has the quality of being spontaneously present.

  3. Since it is self aware, it has the quality of not being realized due to extraneous condition.

Above three are the best possible benefit for oneself.

  1. Since a buddha possesses these three qualities, he has the quality
    of knowledge.

  2. Since he leads the other beings to also attain this
    knowledge, he has the quality of great compassionate love.

  3. Since he brings about the relinquishment of the causes of suffering of all other
    beings, thereby eradicating the suffering that is the fruit of these causes,
    he has the quality of being endowed with ability

The last three are the best possible benefit for others

Sharing some thoughts from Arya Maitreya…