Are we still trying to find happiness in this manner?

enlightening short film (4min 32s)

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another video (2min 29sec) showing the state of our world currently:

this video (4min) was shown in my Lamrim class before. I still find it disconcerting due to the elements of truth it contains.

Another video (4min 33sec) on consumerism. Pretty relevant in light of the hype about the latest phone or gadget.

Hahaha… these cartoons are amusing, like laughing at ourselves. Really, there are many ways to find happiness, but should really slow down and think - what is the happiness that I want? When I reach that happiness, is it really what I need or will i end up chasing for more?


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this paragraph encapsulates the article for me:

As a Buddhist nation, it is clear that in Bhutan, the cultivation of compassion for all beings is the goal for a life well lived and for society to flourish. And when that happens, it translates to happiness.