Are we creating the karma that will lead us to be reborn in the animal realm?

Venerable Ru Jun shares a segment from Master Ri-Chang’s Lamrim Commentary. Master shares his encounter with a truckload of pigs (that are probably going to the abattoir) and his learning from it

This triggered some contemplation in me.

Are we just busying ourselves with the matters that will give us some bits of happiness in our current life? Or are we looking to end our suffering once and for all and spending our precious time on practising Dharma.

If the former, we are doing the Karma that will lead us to reincarnation in the animal realm or lower.

These stories motivate me to do a stock take on what I am currently doing with my life. Am I really intent on my Buddhist practice or am I still ignorantly wasting my life on things that don’t matter with respect to my Infinite Lives (无限生命).