After taking refuge, how does the Buddha's blessings enter into our body?

To the Buddha, we sincerely devote ourselves to take refuge in and depend on, because the Buddha has great incomparable, tremendous power to shower blessings. But, if we failed to act in accordance to the Dharma, then the Buddha’s blessings will not be able to enter into our body. It is like the warm sun’s rays that pour down. If we are to put a shade over it, the rays of light will not be able to descend on us.

That is why after taking refuge, we must put it into practice, and to do so only in accordance to the righteous Dharma. Because the righteous refuge is the refuge in Dharma, this is the Buddha’s instruction, and this is the perfect Dharma.

Extracted from: Venerable Master Jih Chang’s Discourse “The Essentials of Buddhism (One)”

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