After learning the Great Treatise, what correct views have been established within us?

“After the class, everyone returns home with question marks in their mind. However, is this situation improper? After all, we are arguing about where the entrance to Buddhism is, where the entrance for applying the practice is, right? We are not fighting about [any personal secular attachment of] fame or advantage, or any other entrances. Thus, compared to that, this [arguing about the entrance to Buddhism] is relatively better. As we debate, the path [to the entrance] will gradually be found - finding a way out!”

Global Lamrim 2, Lecture 0021

What correct views have you established after learning The Great Treatise? How does that help you?

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The most common right view we have learnt is no killing. Even for killing animals and insects, we are already aware that this is wrong, and we will try our best to avoid killing them.

We also know that observing the precepts will enable us to gain a human rebirth, so we participate in taking the eight precepts, some of us also observe the five precepts, and for the more advanced, taking the bodhisattva vows.

We’ve learnt about karma, as well as taking refuge, all these are the correct views that we’ve learnt and established after attending Lamrim class.

How does that help you? A very obvious improvement is how we spend our leisure time now. Now we will allocate time to attend Lamrim class. We will also allocate our annual leave to go to Taiwan or go to the monastery to attend retreats or pujas. For example, we will actually go hungry for half a day when we take the 8 precepts. If we have not attended the Lamrim class, will we do all these things? I don’t think so. Some take 7 to 10 days of annual leave attend the 7 days retreat in Taiwan, taking the 8 precepts daily and going hungry from afternoon till the next morning, not even choosing to go on tour after the retreat.

We are able to do these because we have already established correct views that we have not known before learning the Lamrim Chenmo. This is such a remarkable matter - very noticeable, so please rejoice yourself well. So when we come and learn the Lamrim Chenmo, when we do reflection, we shouldn’t just look at those things that we have not learnt and have not achieved. Very importantly, we must look at the things we have achieved, the things we have learnt, improvements that we have made. Reflect upon the difference between ourselves before and after we learnt the Lamrim. If you really do that, then you will really find a lot of motivation to continue with your studies.

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