About Lamrim Discussions

On top of your weekly classes, we hope to use this forum to extend your discussions on Lamrim. With our very experienced monitors and senior students looking through these topics regularly, we are hoping to tap on the collective wisdom of everyone to accelerate our learning on the path to enlightenment!

So, instead of keeping those discussions within your class’s Whatsapp group, start seeding your virtuous questions to spark off a lively discussion!

在你们每周一次的广论研讨班以外, 同时开辟了此问答讨论区, 延伸你们班上的研讨, 也让其他班籍的同学一起学习。很有教学经验的佛学讲师和资深班长将定期查看讨论区的内容并参与讨论, 分享他们精辟的佛学视野和知识。希望借由集体的智慧和大家的供享, 让我们增加智慧, 加速我们成佛的学习之路。

所以, 不要只限于在你们的电话组群里头讨论广论了, 现在就开始在讨论区里问问题, 展开热烈研讨, 利他又利己。

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