A day in the life of a Sangha Member (僧團的一天)

This article gives a look into what the daily routine of the Sangha is like:


Their day starts at 350am and is filled with learning and practices.
Really inspiring!

Similarly, this is what a group of Bhikkhuni goes through from 3:50am to 9pm:



check out this Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread on Reddit conducted by a Bhikkhu in America:


In a reply to this question, Venerable Ru Jun describes what he does in a day.

from the 0 min mark to the 3:19 min mark

My takeaway is how dedicated Venerable Ru Jun is in devoting his time to his practice. Comparing with what I do daily, I find myself wasting the bulk of my time in useless pursuits. sigh.

Enjoy this video:

Master Ri-Chang shares his happiness on his decision to join the Sangha:

From Master’s Lamrim Commentary Track 114a BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 — 第114卷A面

Sometimes I also wonder why so many of us put so much energy and effort in chasing after the material stuff in life, knowing that all that will disappear when our lives end.

A story closer to home: