Who do I learn from? Relying on a Teacher or based on my own experience? Why?

“Lama Tsong-kha-pa spent his first few years of study broadly acquiring the doctrines from various sects. At a little over the age of twenty, he entered Tibet [Lhasa] and within a few years, he became a prominent figure there, due to his thorough understanding of the teachings. He was an extremely intelligent person who beseeched the virtuous teachers of his time to teach him, and he learned from them all with sincerity. He extensively mastered the teachings from all teachers, and he attained his encompassing realization.” - Master Jih-Chang
Global Lamrim 2, Lecture 0012

Lama Tsong-kha-pa, an extremely intelligent person, still felt the need to seek teachings extensively. What is the common tendency that most of us have when we learn a certain skill, such as baking ,driving or Buddhism practice? Do you tend to learn fully from the teacher or do you learn it based on your own experience?