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About Lamrim Discussions (1)
Master Ri-Chang talks about 空 (emptiness or Śūnyatā) (1)
Using the cup as a metaphor (3)
【全广II】Global Lamrim 2 (17)
Master Ri-Chang's reminder to us to strive to develop Bodhicitta (菩提心) (3)
Karma & Repentance (5)
Next destination upon death (3)
Master Ri-Chang mentions 子路闻过则喜. What does it mean? (1)
What are the twelve aspects of dependent-arising (十二缘起)? (10)
[念死 Mindfulness of Death] 修行的第一关 The first gateway of practice ( 2 ) (21)
I want to battle my afflictions - 我要跟烦恼斗! (2)
Buddhism and science (6)
A Venerable's View: I would rather learn less, but learn happily 寧願少學一點 但能快樂學習 (4)
Glossary of Chinese/English Buddhist terms ( 2 ) (35)
How to go about doing 35 Buddhas Confession? (17)
7th month (4)
Spirits and ghosts (5)
Massive encouragement to study Buddhism during this period of 末法 (1)
三学自性者 The nature of the three trainings (2)
Who is Je Tsongkhapa? (2)
How to do dedication of merits (回向)? (1)
Whose karma is weightier? (6)
The many ways to describe the stages in the practise of Buddhism (1)
What is 尽所有性、如所有性? (1)
Difference between 三摩地 (Samadhi) and 奢摩他 (Samatha)? (1)
Death and Rebirth (18)
:speech_balloon: Daily Discourse Discussion :speech_balloon: 09-10-2017 Relying on the teacher – Explaining the Teachings is not an easy task (7)
Merits and positive actions (8)
:speech_balloon: Daily Discourse Discussion :speech_balloon: 12-10-2017【依师 Relying on the Teacher】不要评头论足 do not criticize others from head to toe (3)
Ants & Snails (2)